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Covering over 180 years of history, this collection contains the institutional records of The Riverside Church and its predecessor churches. Included are meeting minutes of governing bodies, property records, architectural and engineering drawings, church publications, membership records, clergy sermons and papers, and documentation of church ministries, programming, and events.
The Riverside Archives contains several rare books and bibles, reaching as far back as 1493. The bibles in the collection provide a rich resource in the history of the Bible's transformation from some of its earliest printed translations to the rapidly changing editions of the modern age. Also included in this collection are church hymnals and worship service books.
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The Photograph Collection documents all aspects of Riverside's history, including its people, community, programs, events, ministries, worship services, and edifice. Formats include glass plate negatives, prints, negatives, slides, and film strips.
This collection contains published works by Riverside's Senior Ministers, including Harry Emerson Fosdick, William Sloane Coffin, and James A. Forbes. Books relating to Riverside's history, art, and architecture, as well as a small collection of theses and dissertations are also included.
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From Rev. Fosdick’s radio sermons in the 1920s, to Riverside’s FM radio station WRVR in the 1960s, to the Riverside Video Project in the 1980s, Riverside has a long history of engaging its community with audio and visual media. As such, this collection contains a huge variety of formats, including 16" glass-base records, vinyl records, reel-to-reel magnetic audio tapes, cassette tapes, videotapes, and DATs (Digital Audio Tapes).
The Artifacts Collection consists of objects that tell Riverside's story, such as clergy robes, altarpiece cloths and linens, awards, plaques, theater props, marionettes, banners, and protest signs. Highlights include Harry Emerson Fosdick's dictaphone and a bowling pin from Riverside's old bowling alley!
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Adorning all areas of the church, Riverside's Fine Art Collection includes sculptures, paintings, mezzotints, murals, tapestries, engravings, and mosaics. Highlights include four Heinrich Hofmann paintings and two sculptures by Sir Jacob Epstein.
Originally intended for only short-term use, the paper memorabilia in this collection serves to provide a glimpse into the daily life of Riverside since 1930. Included in the Ephemera Collection are postcards, Christmas cards, calendars, and posters.
Riverside's stained glass windows not only illuminate our spaces but delight the eye with a variety of subject matter, styles, techniques, and colors. From the 16th century Flemish stained glass in the Narthex to the French medieval reproductions in the Nave to the 1950s modern glass in the South Wing, Riverside's windows are a sight to behold.
Riverside's Collection of Decorative Arts can be found in every nook and cranny of the church. Tiffany grandfather clocks decorate the 9th floor in the tower while hand-carved wooden desks are still used in offices and meeting areas. From the grillwork on the radiators to the intricately carved furniture, Riverside's craftsmanship is apparent in the decorative elements suffused throughout the building.